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Larry Carlton’s 2014 Tour Includes USA, Australia and the UK

This is an update on the previous post about Larry Carlton’s 2014 tour dates. Larry will play on 3 continents: from March to the middle of May in the USA, then Australia, and then

Ernie Ball’s M-Steel Electric Guitar Strings Have Arrived

Today Ernie Ball announced their new strings, the M-Steel strings for the electric guitar. Allegedly, they are “the loudest, most expressive strings ever created”. But we don’t really care much for marketing hype, do

Paul Gilbert Announces His Brazilian Guitar Clinic Tour

Paul Gilbert just announced 14 guitar clinics in Brazil, scheduled between April 14th until May 3rd. Here are the dates and the venues:  Date City Venue  14/04  Fortaleza Guitar Meeting  15/04  Salvador E.M. Pracatum

Andy McKee Talks about His Influences, Compositional Process, and More

In this cool video posted on Ernie Ball’s YouTube channel, the American fingerstyle guitarist Andy McKee has some very interesting things to share. As it would seem, 10 seconds of Eric Johnson’s “Cliffs of

Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert, Andy Timmons, and Mike Keneally Unite for the G4 Experience

Do you wish you could hang out and play guitar with the likes of Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert, Andy Timmons and Mike Keneally? For 4 days?! You and only 174 other fellow guitar players?

Larry Carlton Early 2014 Tour Dates

Good news for Larry Carlton’s fans in Japan. The jazz wizard will perform in Osaka and Tokyo in February. For his fans in New York, the tour includes concerts in New York City in

It’s Confirmed: There Will Be a New Toto Studio Album!

Amazing news! Legendary band Toto will release a new studio album. And this is coming directly from Luke himself, as he officially announced it on his Facebook page. He didn’t specify a release date,

Check Out John Petrucci’s Solos on Dream Theater’s New Single, “The Enemy Inside”

We’ve been waiting feverishly for Dream Theater’s new self-titled studio album for quite some time now. Those of us who are rabid fans finally get a reprieve in the form of the new single

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